All In

It’s time to be ALL IN! Go for that goal or project or task you’ve been putting off, swing for the fences, and get it done.

This is the best time of the year to go all in on your business. Good business owners can take calculated risks and go all in on their business about twice a year. Not a gamble, but a calculated move toward an ambitious goal. It’s easy this time of year (between Thanksgiving and Christmas) to take it easy and just ride out the end of the year, but don’t do that. That approach can allow tasks to build up, making the start of next year slow and cumbersome.

This time of year usually means more family is around, or you have to travel for the holidays. This change in your usual routine can make it especially challenging to get work done but set aside some time when your family is busy to knock out bursts of work. An hour of work here and there can add up! If you feel you’re lacking motivation or momentum, make a GAMEplan and start executing it today—but be careful to not use it as a procrastination tool! Planning can help you define what actions need to happen to achieve a big goal, but without execution, plans are useless. The GAMEplan is just the beginning.

Focus on each action item and get the ball rolling. As a coach, this might mean creating a list of potential clients (warm leads and cold leads)—and then calling, messaging, or emailing those people. If you have four clients, don’t aim for six. Aim to get 20. Swing for the fences!

What is the one thing you could do today that would make the biggest impact on achieving your big goal? Define that thing, and then hammer it! Don’t overthink this. Action is the key.

Remember, you have something others can’t offer. Know your specialty, and tell people about it. Get them to try it now, because in January, most people won’t want to spend more money. Maybe you won’t quite get to that ambitious goal, but the impact on 2024 and beyond will be well worth the effort. Sometimes simply starting the work and getting in the swing of things is all that’s needed to boost your confidence.

It’s time to be all in. It’s time to execute.

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