Ready to turn in the keys to the gym and reclaim your life? Your freedom awaits.

Pick the plan that works best for your online coaching business.

There’s no risk to getting started. Your first month is free. From then on you will simply be charged for the per-client rate of your tier based on the number of clients on the last day of your billing cycle. For example, if you sign-up on September 3rd, you will be charged on October 3rd for the number of active clients on October 2nd, multiplied by your tier’s per-client rate.


$3per client, per month
  • Custom 1:1 programming & client communication
  • Offer up to 3 coaching plans
  • Have up to 50 clients
  • Subscriptions, Invoices, & Billing management*
  • Automated metrics
  • Video library & library management
  • Manual nutrition capabilities
  • 3 template examples plus up to 10 of your own
  • Worldwide leaderboard


$5per client, per month
  • All of Standard features PLUS:
  • Up to 3 coaches
  • Offer up to 6 coaching plans
  • Have up to 100 clients
  • 24 hour feedback clock for the best client experience
  • Built-in screen recording + markup tools
  • Video library & library management
  • Automated** + manual nutrition capabilities
  • 5 built-in templates PLUS Unlimited custom templates
  • Personalized leaderboard for your clients**
  • Offer coupon codes


$10per client, per month
  • All of Professional features PLUS:
  • Integrated scheduling
  • Unlimited coaches
  • Unlimited coaching plans
  • Unlimited clients
  • Programming education and efficiency training + AI Capabilities**
  • Our full template library PLUS unlimited custom templates

*Payment processing with auto deposit is included with all plans via Stripe and subject to Stripe’s processing fees (currently at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for United States users). A Stripe account is not required to get started with TurnKey Coach – you will have that established within a few minutes of signing up.

**Features coming soon.

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