Matt Reynolds on The Table Talk Podcast with Dave Tate

In this 285th episode of Dave Tate’s Table Talk Podcast, TurnKey Coach’s CEO, Matt Reynolds, joins the conversation to discuss the future of online coaching.

Matt Reynolds is dedicated to helping strength coaches and personal trainers transition from traditional gym settings to thriving online coaching businesses. With 25 years of experience in strength sports and coaching, Matt founded STRONG Gym in Springfield, MO, in 2008. Under his leadership, STRONG Gym quickly became one of the largest and most successful strength gyms in the country.

After selling STRONG Gym in 2015, Matt focused on expanding the reach of online coaching. He played a pivotal role in growing Barbell Logic into a leading online strength and nutrition coaching company. To better serve clients and coaches, Barbell Logic developed TurnKey Coach, a proprietary platform designed for managing online coaching businesses with superior service and efficiency.

Today, Matt is committed to revolutionizing personal training by leveraging online platforms to provide personalized, professional strength and nutrition coaching. His goal is to make the benefits of strength training accessible to everyone, improving lives through the power of strength.

Tune in to hear Matt’s insights and experiences on Dave Tate’s Table Talk Podcast and learn how TurnKey Coach is at the forefront of the online coaching revolution.

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