Swing for the Fences

When it comes to your coaching business, swing for the fences! Don’t leave anything on the table, give it your best shot, and go full bore ahead.

When you decide to pursue a life-changing opportunity, you have to fully commit to it. This is a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurship. Since business ventures always have ups and downs, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage for success if all your resources are not focused on the business.

This level of commitment is difficult for many people. A perfectly rational approach to life is to be conservative and not take big chances, which would arguably be the “safer” choice. But this safe approach frequently prevents would-be entrepreneurs from realizing their transformative dreams.

Being fully committed allows a business owner to have only one option: success. This may sound reductive, but if you only allow yourself the option of finding a solution to a difficult problem, there is a greater chance you will. If giving up is an option, many people will take this path when a challenging obstacle presents itself.

Many times, success and stability are just on the other side of a seemingly insurmountable problem. Solving a few key issues is likely all that is needed for a business to thrive, but that requires the owner not to bail right at the most crucial point in the business’s development.

Convincing yourself that success is right around the corner might seem delusional to most people. Maybe it is, but this level of perseverance predisposes a certain personality type to success in business. If you truly believe that it is possible to succeed, your resourcefulness and creativity can find a way to make your vision a reality.

Not a Guarantee of Success!

Being fully committed doesn’t mean you will always succeed. Most times, you will probably fail. But taking the chance gives you a few advantages.

First, you can learn from your mistakes and become a better technician and business owner. This experience is extremely valuable and will likely lead to success in future ventures. Failing is the only way to learn some of these lessons.

Second, swinging for the fences can condition you to not be afraid of failure. So many dreams never stand a chance against the mediocrity of a safe choice.

Lastly, you don’t need to succeed every time! You just need one big win. If you continue to do your best, refine your methods with every failure, dream big, and make calculated attempts at greatness—it’s simply a matter of time before a little luck comes your way.

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